Making Language Learning Fun!

Salut everyone!

Now that I’m back in Canada I’ve decided that it’s time to put the German aside for a while and focus on spiffing up my French skills.

I’ve started getting support from Le Centre Moi J’apprends in Cornwall, Ontario which has been absolutely wonderful. My instructor – a linguist by trade – is very patient, explains things clearly and understands the need for flexibility as I work on  consulting contracts, write job exams and keep popping off for interviews and meetings. If you are a French speaker looking for language support, help to finish off your high-school diploma or other training needs Moi J’apprends can help you achieve your goals.  Offices are located in Rockland, Ottawa, Cornwall and Hawkesbury, Ontario.

Other ways I’m working to improve my French include:

  • reading out loud,
  • listening to Radio Canada ,
  • watching movies and television series in French or with translations (thank you Netflix!), and
  • taking every opportunity to practice when I happen across native speakers.

But even with good intentions and the best laid plans life can get in the way. Work might need to take center stage, meetings or interviews might interrupt my lessons, and some days my brain is just too fried from study or thinking too much. As a result, the enthusiasm wanes and I need something fresh and fun to keep the momentum going. That’s why I decided to start something new!

As an addition to my self-prescribed learning program (and to spice things up a bit!), I will be posting one new phrase, idiom, expression, slang or quote every day. Daily tidbits might hail from France or Quebec depending on the day and whatever strikes my fancy.

Click here for Your Daily French!

I hope you enjoy my posts and encourage you to add your own favourite French phrases to the list or share your thoughts in the comments section below.

À la prochaine!

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