August Trials (2019) – Hilltop K-9 Agility Club



August Trials (2019) – Hilltop

What a great weekend photographing the August Trials for Hilltop K-9 Agility Club at the Williamstown Fairgrounds!  Once all the photos have been edited, an order package will be sent out to those interested in purchasing images from the event.

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Anne Viau:

Alessandra Mezzetti:

Alison Graham:

Chantelle Charlebois:

Dan Corneau:

Diane Clark:

Elisa Hoare:

Erika Franz:

Ghislaine Fontaine:

Gina Bobinac:

Gina MacFadden:

Heather Seeler:

Jane Donohue:

Janet Lundy:

Janice Graves:

Joanne Dionne:

Joanna Hoskins:

Kandy Dumm:

Kate Freeman:

Kelly Lontin:

Kim Scharfe:

Linda Howie:

Linda Jackson:

Lindsay Harvey:

Marcelle Rea:

Margaret McGarr:

Marianne Muller:

Mark Corwin:

Mike Spence:

Monique MacKenzie:

Nancy Corwin:

Penny Huculiak:

Robyn Rittmaster:

Valorie Clark:


Bev Hurst:

Carole-Anne Girouard:

Isabelle Coutu:

Jen Baker:

Jessica Hogue:

Kathy Weston:

Linda Hollylee:

Linda Viau:

Lorraine Daoust:

Marie-France Tremblay:

Pat deRonde:

Pauline Fontaine:

Sandra Cumming:

Sheila Casey:

Tammy Gallacher:

Tanya Calverley:

Tracy Kolman:


Ed Laton: (possible absent?)

Monica Kalistar: (absent)

Phyllis Brown: (possible absent?)

*Is your name not on the list?

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