English Support

Businesses that feature English services have a competitive advantage due to its global presence and popularity as a second language. By implementing English into your marketing strategy, you open up more resources and possibilities for promotion. You also expand the effectiveness of your marketing efforts by placing your products and services successfully within reach of international markets.

  Are you trying to attract more English-speaking clients?

  Are you afraid to give business presentations in English?

  Do you have trouble closing sales because you can’t express yourself in English?

  Do you need to learn English to communicate better with your clients?

I can help! I work with non-native English speakers to improve your writing and conversation skills so you can attract more English speaking clients and keep them coming back!

I’m a qualified English language instructor with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature and certification in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). I have several years’ teaching experience working with a range of organizations including: the University of Ottawa, LG Chem, Yonsei University, Manpower, and the Red Cross.

I specialize in helping adult non-native speakers improve their comprehension, conversation and writing skills. Together we will create a learning plan to help you:

  Improve your English skills,

  Use what you already know better, and

  Learn what you need to know faster.

* To learn more our Proofreading & Editing services, click here.

What are you waiting for?
Contact Tara to book an appointment today:

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