Behind the Lens with Tara MacDonald

Tara MacDonald - Photographer

Tara MacDonald – Photographer

Back to the Roots

I grew up in Williamstown, Ontario. A charming little village half-way between Ottawa and Montreal, Williamstown is located in the Township of South Glengarry which is known as ‘Ontario’s Celtic Heartland’.

While I always had a keen interest in art and literature, I didn’t pick up a ‘real’ camera (as they say) until after I finished university and  moved overseas in my mid-twenties.

I got up my first Nikon in 1999 from a little shop in Naju, South Korea. There I was welcomed into the local photography club which was composed of about five or six older men and many rounds of soju which were occasionally interspersed with green tea, barley water, dried cuttlefish, rice cakes, and other snacks I couldn’t identify along with the occasional celebratory cake.

While we struggled to learn each other’s languages and culture, we shared a love of the country and photography which created a special bond and fond memories which I hold dear to my heart so many years and continents later.

Over the years, my photography garnished attention from friends and family. Although I didn’t have the technical background, it also came in handy for writing and communications contracts, as a columnist and feature writer for The Ottawa Sun newspaper, as well as some of the projects that I was managing overseas.

In 2018, I relocated ‘back home’ to South Glengarry where I took on a paternity leave contract as a reporter for The Glengarry News. Within a few months, my work covering the Glengarry Highland Games helped the team win honourable mention at the Ontario Community Newspaper Association’s (OCNA) Better Newspaper Awards for best photo layout. Over the course of the summer, interest in my photography grew and I suddenly found myself being hired as a professional photographer for photoshoots and events.

I love working events, getting out in the public, meeting new people and capturing candid moments of people having fun or doing what they love be it tossing the caber or participating in a dog agility event.

While I continue to enjoy experiencing travel and other cultures, being able to reconnect with my community and highlight all that Glengarry has to offer since coming home has brought joy to my heart.

Want to learn more?

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